Ed Sheeran

Would you like to meet Ed and Sheeran

Meet Ed and Sheeran. Together they are Ed Sheeran! That’s right. They originally named themselves after their favorite pasta shapes (Gnocchi & Gigli) like the hipsters they are, but after their trip to Ireland, they found their love, dyed their fur orange (with varying success), bought a guitar, and decided that they too, were Galway Girls at heart.

Now, they are trying to make their big break as the cover band ”Ed Meowran”, 🐱🎸 to quote: dance till the sunlight cracks because their Bad Habits lead to you. We get the Shivers just thinking about it… [Please, if you see them sneak into the stage door on the 29th of June in Tenerife, call us. 📞]

Their biggest goal in life is to meet their idol @teddysphotos and to show him a few things on the guitar but for a swim in Tenerife Sea they are not willing to join in 🌊.